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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just a little reminder of what the BRU Campaign is all about...

Utah's Emergency Preparedness Campaign

Even though we don't know when or where disasters and emergencies may strike, we do know that we can do more to be prepared for the unexpected. In the last several years, many Utahns have witnessed terrible disasters throughout our state including devastating floods and wildfires.

It's important that we learn from these events and make an effort to have a basic emergency plan and a 72-hour emergency supply kit for our families, businesses, schools, and communities.

If there is one thing we could impress upon all Utahns to make their top priority in preparedness, it is that we are able to sustain ourselves for a minimum of three days should an emergency or disaster happen.

For more information on building your emergency supply kit and other family, community, school and business preparedness resources, spend some time right here with Be Ready Utah. Make an emergency plan, get a 72-hour kit, be informed about Utah's natural hazards and get involved in helping others prepare.

Let's 'Be Ready' Utah!

Spend a little time on our website.

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