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Saturday, April 10, 2010


When preparing your home for
an earthquake, don’t forget to
include your pets on the list.
They will depend on you even
more after an earthquake to
take care of them and their

Before an Earthquake

Store enough food and water to last for 72
hours, preferably for one week. Prepare a
shelter or evacuation kit for your pet,
including an unbreakable dish, veterinarian
records, a restraint (leash or pet carrier) and
medication with instructions.

Keep you pet’s ID tag up-to-date.

Make sure nothing can fall on your pet.

Arrange for a neighbor to take care of
your pet if you are not able to get home after

During and After an Earthquake

Do not try to hold on to your pet during
the shaking. Animals will instinctively
protect themselves and hide where they’re
safe. If you get in their way, even the nicest
pets can turn on you.

Be patient with your pets after a quake.
They get stressed just like people and need
time to readjust. They may disappear for
some time, but they generally show up again
when things have calmed down.

If you have outdoor pets, you should keep
them indoors until the aftershocks have
subsided and they have calmed down.

If you must evacuate your home, leave
your pet secured in a safe place. Pets will
not be allowed at shelters. Be sure to leave
plenty of clean water and food. If possible,
visit pet daily until you can return home.

This information is from the Utah Seismic Safety Commission and is found on our website HERE.

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